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Aprenda a pensar, trabajar, y construir como una startup en 54 emocionantes horas. Un evento Techstars Startup Weekend es una incursión emocionante e inmersiva en el mundo de las startups. Durante tres días llenos de acción, conocerá a los mejores mentores, inversores, cofundadores y patrocinadores para mostrarle cómo hacer más cosas más rápido y, tal vez, incluso comenzar un emprendimiento.


Learn how to think, work, and build like a startup in 54 thrilling hours. Techstars Startup Weekend is an exciting and immersive foray into the world of startups. Over an action-packed three days, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors to show you how to get more done faster -- and, maybe even start that Business.







¿Cómo Funciona? How it works?


Comienza el viernes con el turno de “micro abierto”, los asistentes están invitados a poner presentar sus mejores ideas… en un intenso minuto y seducir a otros participantes a unirse a su equipo. Tras escuchar todas las ideas se realiza una votación entre los participantes para elegir las ideas más populares, y las personas que hayan presentado estas ideas tendrán la responsabilidad de formar un equipo con otros participantes dependiendo de las necesidades de su idea.


Starting on Friday with the "open mic" shift, attendees are invited to put their best ideas forward... in an intense minute and entice other participants to join their team. After listening to all the ideas, a vote is held among the participants to choose the most popular ideas, and the people who have presented these ideas will have the responsibility to form a team with other participants according to the needs of their idea.



Durante el sábado y el domingo, los equipos diseñan y dan forma a su startup con la ayuda de mentores y facilitadores hasta desarrollar finalmente el plan de negocio.


During Saturday and Sunday, teams design and shape their startup with the help of mentors and facilitators to finally develop the business plan.

El domingo por la tarde los equipos presentan sus prototipos ante un panel de jueces, en un pitch de 5 minutos, que les acabaran de enriquecer sus ideas y además elegirán al ganador del evento y el mejor proyecto de innovación.


On Sunday afternoon, the teams present their prototypes to a panel of judges, in a 5-minute pitch, which will enrich their ideas and also choose the winner of the event and the best innovation project.


El lugar de encuentro del emprendimiento en Málaga

Innovation Campus - Malaga Urban Technopole

Calle Álamos 7 19012 Málaga

Conoce a nuestro equipo- Our Team



Senior Product Manager at Cabify with more than 10 years of experience in product management and strategy.

In the role of Senior Product Manager I specialize in managing multidisciplinary teams (IT, business and analytics) within the Scrum methodology and mentoring Product Managers.

My expertise includes performance measurement, OKRs definition, product roadmap building, product backlog ownership, product discovery through interviews or A/B testing, among others.



EMEA GTM Lead, Databases at Google Cloud.


Responsible for the go-to-market strategy in EMEA for all the Data Management services in Google Cloud. 

Alex Serban Senior manager- Site Reliabiliy and Operations at Electronic Arts says about George: "If someone would ask me to describe George’s work, I could only think of one word – excellence. His ability to deep-dive into technology, deconstruct business requirements and develop laser-focused solutions to answer any given requirements is impressive."


Yemi Oluseun

CEO/ Founder at ‘The Change Hive’

Over the last 14 years, she has helped several FinTech & SaaS companies automate their business processes, build rapid MVPs to test product ideas and execute go-to-market plans. She was listed on the UK Top 100 Most Influential Women in Technology for 3 consecutive years. She is passionate about social impact through entrepreneurship. She holds an MBA, First Class, and Distinction Degrees in Computer Science.

Carolina Greno

Motivational Speaker & Workshop Trainer

Carolina is a motivational speaker and psychologist with over 13 years of experience. Through her talks, she shares lessons on the human experience, drawing from her travels and personal exploration. Her mission is to help people connect with their inner compass and find purpose in their lives.

Ivan Suhinin

Head of AI & Information at Intergiro

An operations & engineering executive with 15+ years of experience. I have directly managed engineering, people/hr, development and operations teams, and have been heavily involved in building internal cultures and setting up business processes. I value the impact I’m making to the world and appreciating a decent challenge that comes along the way.

Martin Chikilian

COO at Alto Logica

A true technology enthusiast, I am deeply passionate about leveraging the latest advancements to solve real-world problems and improve people's lives. With a strong commitment to personal and professional growth, I am dedicated to helping others develop and reach their full potential, whether through mentorship, coaching, or simply lending a supportive hand.

Amalia Gómez

Ecommerce, banking. Mentor and digital lover.
Passionate about the digital world, product and new technologies, yet a numbers geek. I am always looking to overcome obstacles and learn from others. I love teaching and reinventing myself as a professional.

Software Product Manager.

Domingo Leal

Marketing and Business Consultant 

I am an International Marketing and Business Consultant. My experience allows me to work with companies to improve their projects and bring them agile principles and processes that I have learned from English know-how. I am passionate about organizational culture and believe that people are the foundation of any success.

Pia Wendeblo

Finance, FinTech

Over the last 20 years Pia have led many different change and innovation projects, and built innovations hubs from the ground up.
She has the vision, knowledge, and expertise to identify and address problems holistically, implement new strategies, and teach founders how to inspire others to adopt them.

Virginia Messin


Virginia is a creative director who is passionate about design and technology. She enjoys exploring new ways to express herself and challenge her artistic abilities. Virginia has been drawn to art, design, and technology since childhood, and has worked in various fields such as graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, video, and UX. She has over 12 years of experience in these fields and has worked in teams that combine all of her skills. 

Fabrizio Scoglio

CEO & Founder of Passione Inter | Menford

I have 12 years of experience as a Digital Entrepreneur and I help companies and individuals start and grow their businesses. I specialize in Digital Strategy and Growth Hacking.



Consultor en innovación, diseño de negocio y emprendimiento

Actualmente, cofundador, Director de Innovación (CIO) y Product Manager en cookypets donde creamos experiencias de repostería fácil para compartir con tu mascota. Organizador de cientos de eventos para profesionales, emprendedores y startups. Ponente, moderador y maestro de ceremonias en multitud de jornadas.  Organizador y facilitador de Startup Weekend a nivel nacional. 


EMEA GTM Lead, Databases at Google Cloud.

Responsible for the go-to-market strategy in EMEA for all the Data Management services in Google Cloud.


BUSINESS ANGEL      Founder Marbella Tech Angels

Andreas is a German serial entrepreneur and angel investor who has invested in over 150 startups. He co-founded Omniga, grew it to a venture builder, and founded Marbella Tech Angels. He is also the co-founder of the Global Super Angels Club. Andreas has received multiple awards, including Best European Early Stage Investor 2018 and Best Business Angel 2020.


CONSULTOR AGILE, Organizador TEDxMálaga.

Telecommunication Engineer by the Univ. of Málaga. Fascinated by public speaking and the power of good communication in general. He was co-founder of another public speaking club in Malaga, and is a fervent reader of several communication gurus. This hobby led him to be an organizer of TEDxMalaga (formerly TEDxMalagueta) annually since 2016, where he exercises several skills, including helping speakers prepare their talks.



Doggies in Town

Startup Advisor, Investor, and Speaker. Former Head of Startup Accelerator and ex-Google Ads..




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